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Our mapping experts have experience working with oil and gas prospects, leasehold, production, well, geologic, and other oil and gas mapping in the United States.   This array of experience lets us provide our clients with quick, efficient, and accurate maps on-demand without the need to hire a full-time geotech/GIS professional.   Our dynamic experience in geology and production analytics can help you leverage potential leasehold purchases and sales based on historic production and client-driven data.



Using well data, permits, rigs, and other data we can help you visualize the activity in any area of interest.  Using Drilling Info, IHS, or other well data sources we can accurately and quickly help you keep your activity maps up-to-date.


Our spatial experts have years of experience pulling competitor leasehold positions and activity from investor presentations.  Commonly in the oil and gas industry you want to be able to see where a competitor's acreage, leasehold, production, wells, or other assets are in comparison to yours. 

Our spatial experts have the experience and tools to quickly extract this information from digital and printed materials like investor presentations and get the data into your own maps.   



Our spatial experts have years of oil and gas experience in section-level leasehold mapping.  Whether it's mapping your acreage by expiration, production, total acres per section, or other metrics, our team can handle your lease mapping needs.  We can work with your data in any format including CSV, shapefile, Excel, paper maps, and other formats.

Lease mapping is one of our flagship products, allowing us to provide competitive and cost-effective solutions to our customers using developed database workflows.  


Over 10 years ago our experience in mapping, documenting, and tracking oilfield infrastructure began in the Pinon Field of West Texas.  Since then we've worked on countless oilfield asset mapping projects in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.  We're familiar with every step of the process from lease acquisition, to drilling and producing, to midstream and gathering systems.  Our breadth of understanding and experience in oilfield nomenclature, best practices, and the challenges associated with these assets is second nature for us.  

Whether your prospect or asset is a few acres or tens of square miles, we can provide you the best guidance and mapping resources for your assets.



One of our team's favorite projects to work on is pipeline infrastructure.  With experience locating, mapping, attributing, constructing, designing, and managing databases for pipelines, our team has an absolute passion for mapping pipelines and related pipeline infrastructure like valves, headers, pig launchers/receivers, and above ground markers for pigging.


Adding a visual component to density mapping is a powerful tool in analytics.  Let us help you visualize your production, geologic, lease, or well data in a clear, easy-to-understand heat map format.


Questions about the products we offer? Reach out to us today, we’re happy to help.

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